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Healthy Teeth:  The Importance of Oral Health

The issues I deal with in the book go beyond how, when, and why you need to brush, floss and irrigate. Your Guide to Healthy Teeth is also about how to survive dental experiences that, to some, can be painful, frightening, expensive and time-consuming. Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body is also about real choice and empowerment. It is also about freedom and how you can take control of, and responsibility for, the health of your mouth. Ultimately, it is about how to improve your health and increase your life-expectancy.

“Well, you’ve got my attention, but is Healthy Teeth really for me?” 

Below are 7 reasons why I think this book is for you. Once you’ve read through them carefully, you can decide!

1. This book is for you if you want to improve your oral and overall health, increase your energy, and actually live longer. 
2. This book is definitely for you if you already have dental disease and believe there is nothing you can do about it. That is, unless you want to continue passively accepting your fate as a helpless victim of dental disease and wander endlessly down that rut-filled road of more decay, more fillings, more gum disease, root canals, lost teeth, bridges, implants, and ultimately . . . those dreaded dentures.
3.  This book is for you if you’re one of the millions of people who are so fearful of the dental experience that you would endure the gum disease, tooth loss, pain, discomfort, and anxiety that so often accompany uncared for and untreated dental disease—rather than go to the dentist. 
4. It’s for you if you’re one of the tens of millions who simply cannot afford the high cost of quality dentistry. It is also for you if you can afford it but can think of better ways to spend your money.
5. It’s for you if you want to make your dental experience a more productive and fulfilling one.
6. Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body is for you if you’re one of the lucky few who presently don't have dental disease and want to make sure you never get it. 
7. And finally, it’s for you if you believe that improving your oral and overall health is worth the small price of this book. 

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