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Promoting Your Mercury Safe Practice
The new growth area in our profession is Mercury Safe Dentistry! There are a number of ways to effectively promote the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice. In this Newsletter I will describe how you can get the message out about the harmful effects of mercury vapor released from Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings - by using a credible third party source to educate your patients away from the office. This approach will save you and your staff a great deal of time.
YouTube Video - Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth
My YouTube Video - Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth - provides conclusive quantitative proof that not only do amalgam fillings release toxic mercury vapor - but that the common act of brushing just one amalgam filling will release more mercury than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace. Click Here to view the video. 
I know you are aware that mercury is released form amalgam fillings, but are you aware that the majority of the public isn't? Yet it is critically important that they do. The results of a Zogby poll will clarify this. Its poll showed that over 76% of those surveyed didn't know that mercury was the main component of amalgam fillings!
Shocking - but there is more. . . . 92% of those surveyed wanted to be informed of their options with respect to mercury and non-mercury dental filling material . . .  Even more important, 77% of those surveyed would choose higher cost fillings that do not contain mercury - if given the choice!!!! Click Here to review the results of the Zogby study.
Good News - Good News: What it Means to Your Practice
The first good news is that the majority of people know that mercury is a poison. They might not know just how toxic it really is - but they do know it isn't good for them. The second good news is that if they knew that mercury was the major component of amalgam fillings they would be willing to pay more to have them safely removed and replaced with safer fillings.
This message can't be clearer! To generate more patients you don't need to educate them about mercury being toxic - but you absolutely have to do everything you can to make them aware that poisonous mercury is in, and is released from, amalgam fillings.
How to Educate the Public about Mercury in Amalgam Fillings
I know many Mercury Safe Dentists who still are not comfortable talking about the mercury amalgam filling issue. Most feel this way because of a concern that the State Boards will hassle them if they do. The most effective way to avoid any issue with them is to utilize a credible, third-party source of information to get this message out. My video and books will allow you to accomplish that.
Make it Happen!
Nothing could be easier.... To educate those coming to your website just put a link to my YouTube Video on it! This will mean that those visiting your website to check you out will have immediate access to this information. There are many ways to introduce the video and I'll include my suggestion here - but feel free to use your own.
'Dr. Tom McGuire is the leading authorities on mercury amalgam silver fillings. His video provides conclusive, quantitative proof that not only do amalgam fillings release highly toxic mercury vapor - but that the common act of brushing just one amalgam filling - will release more mercury than allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace.'
If requested we will provide you with an image you can add to your website that can then be linked to the YouTube Video. Email Us and we'll send it to you. (When prospective new patients call your office wanting information about this topic your staff can refer them to your website to view the video.)
To educate patients in your office you'd use my continuous loop  DVD, which is the same as the YouTube Video. Click Here for information about how to use and order it. 
Smoking Tooth Video and the Poison in Your Teeth Video
Most mercury safe, holistic, dentists are aware of the Smoking Tooth Video. It is an exceptional video that demonstrates the release of mercury vapor from an amalgam filling. But as positive as it is, it is still subjective. 
The Poison in Your Teeth Video also demonstrates the release of mercury from an amalgam filling, but does so objectively by using a Jerome Mercury Vapor Analyzer, and instrument accepted by regulatory agencies. Because of the difference between the two I recommend that you have both of them on your website.
Dr. Tom McGuire's Bio
Dr. Tom McGuire is one of the leading authorities on Mercury Amalgam Fillings, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Mercury Detoxification, and Holistic Dental Wellness. He is the author of the best-selling books, The Poison in Your Teeth, Mercury Detoxification and Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body. He also has the most informative and in-depth website about these subjects.

Dr. McGuire and Dr. Paul Rubin have produced the only DVD Course available to dentists on How to Make Your Dental Practice Occupationally Mercury Safe. There are many reasons to practice Mercury Safe Dentistry and you can learn more about the benefits to your practice by going to www.newdirectionsdentistry.com

Dr. McGuire also has the highest ranked Mercury Safe Dentist Directory on the Internet. To learn more about how to Generate Patients and Increase Revenues visit the Directory home page at www.mercurysafedentists.com/iamfd.html
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